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Do you feel tired? At night you are being waked up by horror scenes, in which monsters from other dimension are sucking your brain? Hmm, it seems that is time for a new game, something that will arouse convolutions of your brain, and bring you back to life! We have a suggestion: that is Grinbo! It is an adventure game powered with puzzles, based on simplicity and interesting idea. It will give you good and lengthy hours of fun.
User comments: "A very fun game. Reminds me of stuff I did in grade school, long there were computers and the ability to do what we'd dreamed. Probably not for everyone, but the graphics are great, and the game is a lot of fun, though difficult. I like fun mind games. My only point of problem is that the play control makes it a bit tough to avoid some things you want to avoid. I'm sure with time I'd play past that though. I highly recommend this one." (User review from WinSite)
    ImageBrowser version 1.4 (NEW)
Powerful, fast and easy to use image viewer and browser.
Photo enhancement capabilities.
Supports the most popular image formats.
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FREE image viewer and browser. It isn't as powerful as ImageBrowser, but it will satisfy the needs of an average user who don't need image manipulation and advanced image conversion capabilities.
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What's new?
March 16, 2002:
New patch for the final version enables cheating!
February 6, 2002:
Grinbo Shareware released
October 21, 2001:
ImageBrowser v1.4 released
June 24, 2001:
QuickPreview - FREE image viewer released
July 12, 2001: QuickPreview source code released
June 3, 2001: Grinbo Demo patch released
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